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What is the best dog breed for a family?

The arrival of a new dog at home is a milestone and often expected by the whole family. Of course, it’s exciting, but there are so many factors to consider – especially when you bring a dog home with children.

Unfortunately, more than 50 percent of dog bite victims are children, and 61 percent of these bites occur at home or in another familiar place.

As frightening as it may seem, many of these accidents can be avoided if you take the time to research the breed you bring home.

So, which dogs do best in a house full of children? Here are 10 dog breeds often recommended by specialists for a choose a dog suitable for children.

The bulldog

The bulldog has a sturdy construction that is perfect for kids who love well-built dogs.

Measuring only between 12 and 16 inches tall and weighing about 25 kg, the bulldog is possible in both large houses and apartments. However, her lack of energy on a daily basis can frustrate children who hope to see a dog play with them all the time.

If in his first two years, the bulldog is a great player, he will often end up being a big sleeper. Dog docile, friendly and loyal, he gets on well with dogs and other pets.

But their temperament with children is very surprising in terms of his physique. As intimidating as they look, bulldogs are friendly and gentle with children and known for their guarding abilities and courage.

If you want your child to go for bread, he is an excellent advocate in case of a problem and his body can in any case move away from the bad guys.

The boxer

If the bulldog does not make you dream and you hate dogs too slobbery, the boxer is another sturdy dog ​​that can keep his cool around children. While boxers were originally bred as medium-sized guard dogs, today you find them as full members of a family.

In addition to its large size, the boxer is known for its high energy – this playful puppy needs a lot of exercise and can keep your kids occupied for hours.

True to form, the boxer is described as fun, bright and active, making him the 10th most popular dog breed. When introducing a boxer into the family for the first time, a lot of supervision is needed, although the breed is ultimately considered an ideal family dog.

It is better to have the young dog so that it is used to children rather than the other way around. Indeed, the boxer who has the character could react badly if, adult, he sees the arrival of new children who come to annoy him constantly while he sleeps.

The beagle

Initially kept only as hunting dogs, beagles adapt well in homes with active children, as they are sturdy and never too tired to play a game.

Friendly, intelligent and happy, the beagle generally gets along well with other pets. They lose their hair and need frequent brushing and bathing, which can be tiring for the mom and dad who are already taking care of the children’s bazaar.

Weighing 10 to 15 kg, this dog has a physical fit for families living in apartments, but they need a lot of exercise, so plan to take them on a daily walk to make sure they live on 12 to 15 years of their life. Without this activity, your beagle will be depressed and may grow.

Keep them on a leash or within the confines of a well-fenced yard. They really follow their noses and can go on an adventure.

The collie

It’s the dog breed that Lassie has made famous. Collies are a very gentle and predictable breed, rarely biting humans and easy to train, perfect for families who do not know dogs. Although this breed is typically sweet, it was originally bred as a herding dog, so he or she can try to bring your children together. It can also be a little dominant with them, but always with kindness. It’s up to you, as parents, to make sure it’s good for everyone.

The long haired collie requires regular grooming to keep its coat in peak form. Collies get along well with kids and like to please their owners and protect their families. Their impressive physique is also a security if you live in a house and your dog sits in the garden.

Weighing about 30 kilos, the collie is a breed that you may think inappropriate for apartment living, but as long as they exercise, they are rather docile on the inside. For a big dog, they live a very long life of about 14 to 16 years old.


Black Dog Newfoundland Dog Dog Black Lab

Nicknamed “baby-sitter of nature”, the dog Newfoundland loves children and protects them a lot. Sweet, kind and patient, this breed is almost like Mother Teresa of dogs. Newfoundland often weighs over 70 kg, so it’s best for a family with large open spaces at home.

Some families choose him to live in an apartment, but he will be like an elephant in a porcelain museum. You will always have the impression that it hangs in your feet.

Although the breed is known for drooling and excessively losing hair, it is not considered a suitable dog for the court. This breed wants to be inside with his family.

Newfoundland is also a great swimmer and is known for saving lives in emergencies. Young and old will quickly fall in love with this great, wonderfully sweet dog.

If you like to go to the beach or a pond for a swim in the summer, take it with you and it will be even more fun than your child trying to get out of the waves.

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