Watch out ! new fraud tricks among parcel deliverers

People always order thier needs online. It is a simple process. It automatically means that parcel deliverers will get busier to deliver all these parcels to customers. Although most parcel deliverers just do their job, but now some abuse the situation and have discovered some new forms of fraud. So beware with this new fraud trick at the door!

These are some tricks the scammers use nowdays

Parcel deliverers

The Fraud Help Desk warns of a new way of fraud among parcel deliverers. With this trick, criminals try to steal your bank card at the door. How exactly do they work? People who have ordered a package online will actually receive it. Not long afterwards they receive a phone call from the postal company with the announcement that a small shipment will follow. When the delivery person with the ‘post-delivery’ is at the door, you will be asked to pay another 1 euro.


You probably feel it coming: in this way the people are being scammed by the criminals. They check the pin code and in the meantime exchange the pass quickly for another one, the Fraud Help Desk says. Because the scammer has been able to view the pin code, he can immediately withdraw a substantial amount of money from the bill. The Fraud Help Desk advises you to always hold your debit card and the pin device yourself when you are asked to pin at the door for a delivered package.

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