Most 5 reasons why Suffering from chest pain

Does it happen to have a painful and oppressive feeling on your chest? You being quite worried about this is Logical, because many people immediately think that something is wrong with their heart. However, this does not always have to be the case and chest pain is also a result of, for example, anxiety or muscle pain.

Chest pain can be caused by many different causes

1. Stomach and esophagus

Do you feel a burning pain in your chest with a radiance to your back? Then it is possible that stomach acid has entered your esophagus. This pain can occur after a meal. The heartburn causes a pain behind your chest. How do you fix this? When lying down, make sure you grab a few extra pillows. When your upper body is higher, the pain will slowly sink. Drinking some milk, eating a sandwich or a stomach tablet can also relieve the pain.

2. Stress and breathing

Do you suffer from a tightness and tightness on the chest? There is a good chance that this is due to panic or stress. You are probably also worried about the pain on your chest, making it even worse! Try to find out where this stress comes from. In addition, ensure relaxation and distraction. For example, do something fun with friends, watch a nice movie or go for a walk in the woods.

3. Muscles and ribs

Do you feel a stabbing or sharp pain between your ribs? There is a good chance that the cartilage and the muscles that connect your ribs to your breastbone will be irritated. This can indicate Tietze’s syndrome: an innocent and rare condition in which cartilage connections between the breastbone and the ribs feel painful. This will eventually pass on its own. However, this pain can also be caused by a prolonged and cramped posture behind, for example, a laptop or computer.

4. Lungs

Do you notice that you are somewhat stuffy and also have a oppressive feeling behind your chest? Then this could be your lungs. Do you have this especially when you take a deep breath? Then it is wise to pay a visit to the doctor, since the doctor can recognize exactly what is going on.

5. Heart

Do you feel chest pain that subsides after a period of rest? Then this may indicate oxygen deficiency. Don’t panic, this sounds louder than it is. After a hefty meal, physical exertion, intense emotions or stress, an oxygen deficiency can start. Take a break and lie down or sit down. You will notice that it is getting less! Does the pain not decrease and is it accompanied by nausea, restlessness and a sweaty feeling? Then consult a doctor for certainty.

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