7 tips for people who has Phobia for the dentist

A visit to the dentist is not a nice experience. A regular check is usually not so bad, although we really hate it. But some treatments at the dentist are no fun to say the least. however with modern technology we don’t have to fear anything,but still a quarter of all Dutch people are afraid of the dentist. Do you fall below? Then read this.


Will your neck hairs stand up if you only think of the hook that removes tartar, or worse, the shrieking drill? Research shows that around 800,000 Dutch people are so afraid of the dentist that they never go, and that is not very good for your health. If you keep walking around for too long with complaints to your teeth, this can grow into a much bigger problem. So don’t dodge the dentist. Maybe these tips will make things a little easier.

1. As young as possible

If you read this then it is probably too late, but your (grand) children can still benefit from this. It is important that young children get to know the dentist as early as possible. The smaller they are, the less likely they are to develop fear of it. If it is something they have been doing all their lives, there is less reason to fear it. So do not pass on your fear to your child and take it to the dentist early on!

2. Tell it

It might be tricky, but tell your dentist that you’re a little scared. He or she can take this into account and this can be quite a relief. If necessary, call the assistant to ask if you can get a longer appointment so that the dentist can take his or her time. This way the dentist can give more explanation, which reassures many people.

3. Information

Request information from your dentist if you receive specific treatment. Then you know exactly what awaits you, which may already be a bit reassuring. Some people also like to be able to watch the treatment. Your dentist can hang a mirror above your face so that you can see exactly what he is doing. Others do not like this at all, so the mirror can also go away. The most important thing is to share your concerns with the dentist.

4. Anesthesia

If you are afraid of the pain at the dentist you can always ask for an anesthetic. Of course not for a normal check-up, but if something bigger has to be done such as filling a hole or nerve treatment, ask for an anesthetic! This is just a small shot that you often do not feel at all.

5. Take control

As we indicated on the previous page, it is important to share your fear with your dentist. For example, you can also agree to give a sign if you can no longer handle it. For example, agree to raise your hand if the fear becomes too much for you and you need a break. In this way your dentist knows that you are struck by fear and that you may have to sit down to recover. This gives you the feeling that you are in control, which many people like.

6. Distraction

That cold white space, the scary instruments, yes we understand why it is not nice to sit in the chair. You get nervous and you also have to open your mouth so that a stranger can look into it. Ask your dentist if he will mind if you listen to music during treatment. Turn on your favorite playlist, close your eyes and sit back. You will notice that you no longer think so much about treatment and you are less nervous.

7. Stupid dentist

Can you not find it completely with your dentist, or does he or she not take your fear seriously? Then don’t be ashamed to find someone else. Especially if you live in a city there are countless dentists you can go to. You can also google to see if your city also has a dentist who specializes in people with fear of the dentist. Do not stay with a dentist who makes your fear worse.

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