5 tips how to receive a compliment !

With these tips, you will receive all the compliments with open arms!

Although it is very pleasant to receive a compliment, it often puts us a little uncomfortable. You do not know what to do for a moment or you quickly dismiss the compliment. Really nonsense, because we must receive a compliment with open arms. You have to enjoy a moment like this. Are you curious about how you can approach this in a practical way? We give you 5 tips to receive a compliment!

How do you approach this?

1. Do not argue

It’s actually something we almost all do. As soon as a compliment is given, for example a pair of trousers or a jacket, we indicate that it was very cheap. Or that you already wear the garment for a very long time. In this way, you contradict the compliment and you reject it. Peach! A simple thank you note is much more appropriate.

2. Be brief

Does an uncomfortable moment often come after receiving a compliment? So be brief! Simply thanking you, you accept the compliment, but you do not go on too long. You answer the compliment by ‘thank you’ or ‘thank you, that’s nice of you!’

3. Ask further

By starting a conversation after receiving a compliment, you avoid an uncomfortable situation. For example, ask for more after receiving a compliment. Begin your sentence with “thank you” and continue asking. This shows that you do not immediately avoid the compliment, but that you can open a conversation with him.

4. Practice in practice

Practicing in practice is actually very easy. Give yourself more compliments to find out how other people handle this. By paying a little more attention to this, you do it to someone else and you also learn something from it. Practice, no?

5. Enjoy

When someone says something positive about you, we all benefit secretly. Instead of worrying about your own reaction, try to save that compliment. Write it, for example, in your notes on your phone. In the end, you have a nice collection of compliments, which you can always scroll from time to time. Well!

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