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5 exercises can help you sleep better

You only notice how badly you need sleep when you don’t get enough .Fitness expert Joshua Pearson tells which exercises can help you sleep better.

“In general, any kind of movement can help you sleep better,” the expert tells Metro . “But not every exercise has the same effect on the quality of your sleep.” Fortunately, Pearson is not the worst and the fitness expert shares which five exercises or sports have the best effect for a good night’s sleep.

1. Burpees

People who have ever performed a burpee, or tried this, know that this is not the easiest exercise. Yet it is incredibly good for you, since it is a full-body exercise. It burns a lot of calories (if you can keep it up for a while) and thereby helps to get your body tired.

2. Squat

Do you find a burpee really too heavy, but do you want to perform an exercise that you can also do at home? Then the squat is a good option. The larger muscles in your legs are used during this exercise, just think of your hamstrings, glutes, quads and calves. It is a good way to lose some extra energy so that you do not lie awake at night.

3. Swimming

Can’t you overburden your body, but do you want to do something to keep the energy awake at night? Then visit the swimming pool. You build muscle by swimming and you burn calories. Swimming is also good for your lungs and your heart health and therefore it can make you feel completely relaxed when you crawl into bed in the evening after having swam earlier in the day.

4. Walk

It sounds so simple, but walking is also very good for you if you do not always sleep well at night. Running will not raise your heart rate too much, but it is an excellent way to calm your body. You can also do this exercise just before you go to bed.

5. Yoga

Not everyone wants to maneuver his or her body into a form that is not exactly contemporary, but yoga has a positive effect on your night’s sleep. There are fifty species that you can practice, but you can start with the basic poses such as the cobra, lotus, warrior and downward facing dog. Focus on your breathing and stretch your body. This allows you to relax in bed after the exercise.

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