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10 tips to save your day after a poorly Sleeping night !

 Whether it’s heat, stress, or other factors, we’ll probably all know that we have to throw, spin, sigh, and support all night long. Very annoying when you have a normal day of work scheduled the next day. Because admit it: it can still bother you all day. Fortunately, you do not have to live all day as a zombie, because with some simple tips, you make sure your day goes well, despite the terrible night. Did you sleep badly? So read on.

And do not immediately take a cup of coffee!

1. light

As soon as you have to get up, it is important to expose yourself immediately to the light of day. So open these curtains or light a bright lamp. Your body is now automatically awake, so you will feel much less tired.

2. shower

To give your body an extra boost, you then take a shower. It is of course tempting to keep dreaming in a hot shower, but try not to do it. Alternate your shower with cold, lukewarm water. In this way, you wake up your body.

3. water

When you have not slept well, it is tempting to have a cup of coffee immediately, but avoid that. Because of your tiredness, you can forget to drink, but with this mini dehydration you will be extremely tired. By moisturizing your body enough, you will have a better day’s sleep.

4. music

Put your earplugs and listen to your favorite songs. Of course, it’s important that you choose happy hits to automatically generate a sense of joy. For this reason, you will think less about your fatigue.

5. Just chew

Chewing gum, chewing gum and even more chewing gum. By chewing a lot, your brain stays active. And you need that!

6. Lolbroek

Put on your joke and hang out the fun pants. Not only because you have a less boring day because of that, but because laughter gives you energy.

7. Move

It is tempting to take the bus, train or car to work. After all, you have to rest and you do not do it while you move, do you? Nothing is less true. It is precisely when you move that your blood begins to flow faster, so more oxygen is sent to your brain. This gives you a less tired feeling. So if possible: catch the bike, the stairs or go for a walk during your lunch break.

8. caffeine

Coffee can help, but it’s not always the best idea. Indeed, your body dries up and, as we said before, it’s not good for fatigue. You can take one, two or three, but leave it there.

9. Just eat

This is a point that will probably make you happy because eating will make you less tired. Yes By maintaining your blood sugar level during the day, you avoid a dip after dinner. Choose to eat nutritious foods, so foods with a lot of iron and good fats. Consider a lot of vegetables, fruits, nuts and avocados.

10. Alternation

To avoid falling asleep at your desk, it makes sense to alternate your tasks. Perform the most complex tasks early in the day, so that once the fatigue is serious, you can perform simpler tasks. At the end of the afternoon, you will be happy with this choice!

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